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Mosspole flat complete set 70cm

Mosspole flat complete set 70cm

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Due to its shape, the flat moss stick is particularly suitable for shingle plants such as the Monstera Dubia. Thanks to the watering aid, watering the filled substrate is also easy to handle here.

Stable Expandable

Thanks to the innovative rotating mechanism, the mosspole can be extended quickly and easily so that it is always the perfect height for your plant.


The filled substrate can easily be supplied with water and nutrients using the watering aid. Climbing plants like to root through it and find everything they need for faster growth and larger leaves.

Environmentally friendly

We manufacture our products in our own production facility in Germany. The mosspole is made from plant-based PLA plastic and delivered in plastic-free packaging.

scope of delivery

3x Module Flat
1x Flat anchor
1x Watering aid flat
4x Flat connector

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