Bau dir deinen perfekten Moosstab

Wässere und dünge deinen Moosstab.

In Segmenten à 20cm modular erweiterbar.

Moisture Guards
Verringere die Verdunstung der Feuchtigkeit.

Schaffe eine sichere Basis für das Wachstum deiner Pflanze.

Mosspole Midi

Make life easier for your plants with PlantMe plant accessories

Is your plant struggling to climb up a coconut pole without being able to hold on? Is your plant only producing smaller leaves than the previous ones? Is your coconut pole unstable because the extension is not holding properly?

Conventional trellis rods usually hold very little moisture and also tend to rot quickly in the soil. This means that your plant is more likely to bend than grow tall. Extending such rods is usually more of a DIY project than a satisfactory solution.

With PlantMe plant accessories, you have exactly the right support for each of your plants to thrive. With the soft core of the mosspoles, in which your climbing plants can ideally root, you have the option of supplying your plant with nutrients even at the tip of the shoot. And the best thing is: the trellises are modular: you can extend them stably so that they grow with your plant.

  • Local

    We produce our products in our own factory in Germany. Since sustainability is very important to us, we source consumer goods within Europe in order to reduce emissions generated during transport.

  • Optimal

    The PlantMe trellis is ideal for climbing plants. It is stable and expandable. Thanks to the watering aid, your climbing plant can be easily supplied with water and nutrients. The moisture guards also ensure that the moisture in the moss stick is retained for a long time.

  • Functional

    The PlantMe trellis rod combines aesthetics and functionality. In contrast to conventional or homemade moss rods, it is easy to extend and a real eye-catcher.